I am David Vanhee, AKA

Curious senior holistic digital marketer

That’s my nerdy way to simply say I have almost 20 years of experience as a digital marketer in many fields.

And I am still not bored with learning new skills and tricks to support my customers on their way to the top.

Other than that, I have a lovely cat.

Don’t take this for granted, but scroll or click the button for some solid social proof.

I swear I didn’t make any of the above up

This is what other says about my cat
“I love her”
drawing of a lovely cat
My eldest son

← That’s not my son, but a drawing he made of her

“She is sooooo cute”
cute cat drawing
My youngest son

That drawing is not my son, but he made it for my cat’s birthday

“She is a lovely cat”
My veterinarian

No picture or name of the dude because he didn’t want to sign a GDPR agreement

Together, we are the perfect team

My cat poses for pictures. I use them in my blog posts.
creativity personality

Creativity Test – Discover 2X How Creative You Really Are

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lovely cat with fruit bowl

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